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Chris - 33     Casey - 24

Cody  - 27  Don - 61  Gail - 59  Bri - 22


  • We've all been fascinated with the paranormal for many years now thanks to the popular TV show Ghost Adventures, Ghost Adventures not only made us believers but taught us alot about the paranormal, We've always dreamed of experiencing the paranormal for ourselves, After years of research/studying the paranormal and getting the best equipment we're now living our dream! 👻

Upcoming Paranormal Investigation


Sweet Springs Sanitarium

12pm - 12pm

Sweet Springs West Virginia

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Sweet Springs Sanitarium


The Sweet Springs Sanitarium in West Virginia is no stranger to visits from paranormal enthusiasts. Destination Fear, which heads there for this week’s episode, is not the first and likely will not be the last production to visit the old building searching for paranormal activity.

Previous investigations of the Sanitarium have been carried out by Supernatural Lost Adventures and Paranormal Encounters, with eerie results. Tonight, the Destination Fear team experience everything from unexplained harrowing screams to voices and terrifying chanting. 

Before ghosts and paranormal investigators arrived, this pre-Civil War building had previously played host to ex-presidents, famous generals, tuberculosis patients, mental health patients, the elderly, and finally, as reported by some, the ghostly souls of those previous guests.

The Sweet Springs area was first settled in 1760, with a hotel first being constructed at the site of the sanitarium in 1792. The main building currently occupying the site is often referred to as The Jefferson Building, it was built in 1839, during the most prosperous period of the resort, which lasted from the 1820s until The Civil War. The resort, known affectionately as Old Sweet, was host to many famous historical guests, including but not exclusive to, George and Martha Washington, James Madison, Franklin Pierce, and G

12pm - 12pm

Sweet Springs West Virginia

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